Christmas 2018

Christmas is a wonderful time of year and there is so much pleasure in the anticipation and build up to the big day. We hosted a Christmas Craft Evening in December where people came and enjoyed decorating cupcakes, producing button canvases and creating beautiful silhouette jars, among other things. 


The carol service was a big success, with the children taking centre-stage acting out a fantastic version of the nativity. Taking the time to remind ourselves of the Christmas story, God relating to us by becoming human and living in humble, ordinary circumstances, helps to ground us during the festive period and to focus our thoughts on some of the deeper meaning involved in the midst of celebrating with family and friends.


September 2018 Baptisms:

What a fantastic day down on the beach. We were so excited and thrilled to be able to baptise five people down at Sandbanks, to hear some of their stories and to celebrate how God has been working in their lives. Baptism is so rich in meaning but the symbolism of rebirth to a new way of life is so encouraging and reminds us of what is available through following Jesus.