Recent Events


Christmas 2019

This Christmas brought a new retelling of the familiar nativity story, complete with a six foot angel! The children did an amazing job learning and delivery their lines, before sharing a version of The 12 Days of Christmas that they had rewritten some of the lines to. It was a fantastic family celebration that sets the mood for the festive period.


Christmas Crafts 2019

We hosted a family Christmas craft event this year, inviting families from the community to join us making some wonderful creations. The afternoon ended with a film accompanied with the winning combination of hot dogs and popcorn. Through kind donations, we were also able to raise a fantastic amount of money towards our 'Christmas Bags of Hope' project

East Creech 2019

Every June, we spend the weekend together camping at East Creech Farm. It is always a fun-filled weekend, with games, food and the inevitable water fight! For us, being "church" is not limited to meeting on a Sunday morning but involves all aspects of our lives and camping (or caravanning!) together allows us to spend quality time in each other's company. During our time away, relationships are given the opportunity to develop and strengthen, whether it's over bacon sandwiches for breakfast or a quiet drink in the evening. 


It's a weekend of (nearly) guaranteed sunshine where there are plenty of facilities to keep the children entertained. For those who prefer the comfort of their own beds, there is also the option to join us for a communal barbecue on Saturday lunchtime, where all are welcome to join us and relax into the afternoon. We would love you to join us at East Creech this year because it's always better when you're there! Dates to follow shortly.


New Wine 2019

Every year a group from our church attends New Wine, a festival where Christians from all over the country come together to spend time praising God, hearing a variety of speakers teaching a range of topics and seeking their next steps on their walks of faith. This year New Wine met for the first time at the East of England showground near Peterborough and apart from the very end of the week having to be postponed due to dangerously high winds, a great time was had by all.

The groups and facilities for children and young people were fantastic, allowing them to experience and understand more about God in entertaining sessions, creating memories and milestones in their own lives. Camping together was like being part of a large extended family, where there was time and space available to talk through what had been learned.

New Wine offers a great opportunity to take time off the treadmill that life can sometimes feel, to slow down and intentionally open your mind to God’s presence. We already have a group that is going in Week 1 from Poole Vineyard in 2020 and we would be delighted if you came to join us. Tickets can be booked at